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Kundali is a Vedic Astrological chart which prepared by an astrologer. It shows your zodiac sign and the positions of planets, sun, moon, rahu, ketu etc in your kundali. Making kundali is not an easy task any small mistake can change the hole meaning of kundali as well as your life so there is no chance of if and but. We Kashi Vedic Jyotish are the master in kundali making.

kundali making

A Report is being prepared on Education, Career, Wealth, Marriage, Business, Favorable Periods, etc. Your Kundali will tell us  about Predictions, Remedies, Yogas, Doshas, Transits and much more.

Interpreting planetary motions at the time of birth laid down the foundations of Janam kundali charts. We Kashi Vedic Jyotish can  predict or create a chart with or without the need of birth time

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Kundali Making Cost : 1500 INR