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Dakshina Kali Japam and Homam

by kashivedic

Dakshina Kali Is The Saumya Roopam (sublime Form) Of Devi Kali. Dakshina Kali Is The Most Popular Form Of Kali . She Is Identified With Her Right Leg Over lord Shiva And A Smiling Countenance. In This Form She Is Usually Shown With Four,eight Or Ten Arms And Three Eyes. Kali Is Believed To Destroy Evil And Egoism And Fights For Justice.

Dakshina Kali

Top 5 Benefits Of Dakshin Kali Puja:

Eradicates Sins Of Past Life.

Removes The Inherited Bad Karmas Of Ancestors.

Protects Against Bad Energies.

Helps In Birth And Safe Delivery.

Improves Relationship With Parents.

What Is Dakshin Kali Puja ?

Kali Puja Also Known As Shyama Puja Is Celebrated On Same Day As Lakshmi Puja. This Is The Most Auspicious Ay To Worship Goddess Kali And Gain Her Blessings.