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Vastu Shanti Pooja and Homam

by kashivedic

Vastu Shanti Pooja Is A Conventional Platform, Which Tells Us About The Science Of Architecture. These Are Found In Textural Format That Describes The Very Notion Of Designs, Measurements, Spacing Arrangements And The Concept Of Space Geometry. Vastu Shanti Pooja is a spiritual and religious process to offer prayers to the Vastu Purush who is the Lord, protector and soul of the house and seek the blessings for positivity and prosperity. During this worship, people also pay their tribute to the deity of directions, five elements of nature, and natural forces.

Vastu homam protects the residential and business places from evil spirits, black magic and negative forces. Vastu Mantra has the power to remove stress and purify the environment of the premises. Vastu Homam is the powerful Homam to grant immediate relief to the sufferings of his devotees. This pooja is perform according to Vastu Shastra.

We must do Vaastu shanti Pooja in the following circumstances to avoid adverse effect (circumstances) by nature and environment.

  • When one chooses against Vaastu parameters.
  • Construction of building against the Vaastu rules and money short comings remain in the structure.
  • Due to errors in interior arrangement of concerned rooms and buildings.
  • When someone buys an old home.
  • At the time of renovation of home or business places.
  • When we have been living for 10 years continuously.
  • After coming back from a foreign trip for a long time.
  • At the time of inauguration of a new home.
Key Rituals involved in Vastu Shanti Pooja

This Vastu Shanti Pooja is primarily based on the ceremony described by Jana Prabodhini. But it is a shorter version and also less exhaustive than what is normally practiced in India. Half an hour is required for the set up and around an hour is required to complete the puja.

1. Toran on the entrance door and planting of an auspicious tree, preferably Tulsi
(This can be done a day earlier)
2. Symbolic House Inspection, Sutra Veshthan (measurements)
3. Graha Pravesh
4. Formal lighting of fire and house purification
5. Vastu Purush story and Vastu Mandal
6. Sankalpa, Poonyahvachanam, Ganesh Pooja
7. Kalasha Sthapana, Nava Graha Pooja
8. Varun and Vastu Purush Pooja
9. Vastu Purush Yagnya
10. Prayers to Vastu Purush and Resolutions
11. Aarati and Prasad
12. Burying the Vastu Purush in the North East Corner of the house.