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Ganesh Pooja and Homam

by kashivedic

Ganesh Pooja Is Performed At The Start Of Each Auspicious Occasion Or Endeavor. Lord Ganesha is The Son Of Lord Shiva And Deity Parvati, And Is Born From The Union Of Shiva And Shakti – The Foremost Powerful Union Of The Cosmos. He’s The One In All The Foremost Ardently Idolised God Who Adopts A Person’s Body With An Elephant Face. Ganapati, Sumukha, Gajanana, Vinayaka, Lambkarna, Kapila Are Few Of The Other Names He’s Better-known By.

Significance Of Ganesh Pooja

Lord Shiva Together With Lord Brahma’s Consent Declared That Ganesh Would Be Ardently Idolized By One. He Bestowed Ganesh With A Boon That Folks Can Henceforward Worship Him Before Worshiping The Other God Or Starting Any Auspicious Activity. Ganesh Is Additionally Better-known For His Intelligence And Knowledge That Removes The Darkness Around And Provides Enlightenment.

Ganesh Pooja Benefits
  • Worshipping Ganapati Brings Luck In One’s Professional And Personal Life.
  • Ganapati Is Additionally Worshipped To Achieve Knowledge And Wisdom.
  • Worshiping Ganapati 1st Assures You Purification Of The Place And Also The Minds Of The Devotees.
  • Ganapati Is A Vighanaharta, One Who Evades All The Troubles, Obstacles And Difficulties In Life.
  • Helps Control The Rajas And Tamas Gunas Amongst The Worshippers.

Ganesh Pooja Is Performed For Reverence And To Create An Aura That Is Pure And Lead A Sinless Life, And Freedom From Re-birth.

Lord Ganesha Is The Supreme God. Ganapati Is Worshipped Before Every Deity In Puja Or Any Ritual.  Lots Of Poojas Will Be Done For Lord Ganesha In Temples As Well As At Homes. People Love To Perform This Puja With Us At Right And Auspicious Muhurats For The Benefit Of Families.

People Doing Ganpati Puja At Home Worship Image Or Idol Of Lord Ganesha, Offer Colorful Flowers, Druva Grass, Modak (ladoo – Sweet), Coconut, Sandalwood Paste (chandan) And Also Use Incense Sticks. If You Are Doing Ganesha Puja In Your Home, You Need Not To Be Very Strict. The Rituals Are Followed By Vedic Pandits And Purohits Who Perform Ganapati Puja For You In Temples.

If You Wish To Get Ganesh Puja Performed For You And Your Family In A Temple, You Can Book Your Puja Right Now .  Brahmins Will Do The Rituals, You Need To Work On Your Faith And Devotion, Which Is More Important.