Pitra Dosh Poojan

by kashivedic

Pitra Are People (forefathers) Who Died Of Unusual Deaths And Did Not Attain Salvation Due To Lack Of Religious Rituals, A Dosha Develops Into Ones Horoscope, Which Is Known As Pitra Dosha’. Pitra Dosha Can Lead To Many Sufferings In Life Due To Which People Perform Remedies For The Conciliation Of Pitra Dosha.

In Hindu Vedic astrology sun is karaka for father. If the sun is placed in 9th or 9th house afflicted by natural malefic or lagna malefic. Rahu conjunction with or 9th lord will be considered pitra dosha some times. If Moon is afflicted by Rahu, Ketu or Saturn then Pitra Dosha is formed in your horoscope. Rahu in 9th House and especially in the Ascendent, also gives rise to Pitra Dosha.

There are three main types of Pitru Dosha or in other words, Pitru Dosh can be attributed to three causes – effect of the planets, deeds of the ancestors and one’s own karma. … The dosha that reflects from the deeds of ancestors may exist because of bad karmas done by a forefather during his or her life.

REMEDIES TO Getting RID OF “PITRA DOSH”By completing “Trapandi Shradh”. By completing the Shraad on the date on which our ancestors were expired. By giving water to the Banyan tree. By offering water to our Pitras for the 15 days during the Shraad or on the date of their death

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