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Mool Shanti Pooja and Ganesh Poojan

by kashivedic

Mool Shanti Pooja Ought To Be Performed If A Person Is Born In A Gand Mool Nakshatra. During This Puja, 11,000 Mantras Of The Concerned Nakshatra Are Recited, Water Is Collected From Twenty Seven Different Places And Leaves Of Twenty Seven Different Plants Are Kept Within The Puja And Homa.

Significance Of Mool Shanti Pooja

During Birth, A Baby Is Born At An Exact Nakshatra Section. This Decides The Thinking Pattern, Personality And Physical Stature Of The Person. It’s Pay Attention That A Person Born In Moola Dosha Will Have Lots Of Issues In The future Which Can Affect His Family Also. Therefore, Acting A Mool Nakshatra Shanti Puja is Extraordinarily Important. It Frees A Person From Future Troubles And Removes The Harmful Effects Of The Earth. Additionally, It Additionally Ensures Emotional And Physical Health Of The Person. Kashi Vedic Jyotish Sansthan is specialized in this field.

Benefits Of Mool Shanti Pooja

Mool Shanti Puja Vidhi Varies From Person To Person Supported The Various Doshas Accountable. The Advantages Of This Puja Are Believed To Be:

  • It Enhances The Person’s Individuality.
  • It Makes A Person A Lot Of Optimistic In Life.
  • Increases The Positive Vibes Around A Person.
  • It Reduces The Harmful Effects.
  • It As Well Promise Stable Physical Also As Mental Condition.
  • It Ensures That Nobody From The Family Is Affected Within The Future.
  • It Is Smart For Psychological Well-Being Also.